The very first sip you get from the blog

This is the first of many posts to be written on this blog, and consequently the hardest and of the most important of all.

The idea itself of having a blog, came out of nowhere. Yet it captivated all the concentration, creativity and hard work that could ever be assembled to make this blog one the most favorite, concerning the topics it would discuss.

The blog aims to catch the eyes of every individual, discuss his thoughts, his inner self hidden behind the walls he’s built in order to increase their strength or to destroy them and rebuilt a new fortress with deep insight and proven facts.

The blog will be starting with a strategy that will be reviewed every while to make sure it satisfies all the readers that come to read, discuss and express their point of view with enlightenment.
This strategy mainly shows the timing for each post to be uploaded on the blog:
– The Daily Post, which will be posted twice a day, in the morning and at night. More details in the Daily Post Description.
– The Weekly Post which features a lot of exciting and interesting topics that will keep you hungry for more to know about each of its topics by all means. More details in the Weekly Post Description.

The Blog features a music player. Not any music player. Calm Radio music player which is amazing to select the music taste from, to listen to while reading.

That’s not all!
There is more in your cinnamon coffee with Cinnamon Sticks and Coffee Beans.
So stay tuned.
Blogging will start by 1/7/2015.


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