The Weekly Post Description

The Weekly Posts are posted every Saturday to start your week with a boost of energy, inspiration, and motivation. So you might need to bring your coffee once you read it.

The Weekly Post brings you some of the interesting books you might love to read – an english and arabic books with a review for each that might be a teaser for you to go and buy them and spend your spare time this week reading them.
Also, it brings you a movie that you could have never heard about and would be added to your watchlist due to its point of view, depth and concept.
The Weekly Post also includes sports report about the latest news in the sports world.
If you love history, the Weekly Post also has the feature of introducing a historical character that had the impact on the international world map, analyzing its positive and negative doings, strategies and personality.
As stress builds up with the start of the week, The Weekly Post has another feature, which is summarized by bringing you some the most efficient ways to get rid of the stress. Each week, 6 ways of getting rid the stress will be posted in The Weekly Post.

That’s not even half!
The Weekly Post includes a very great part which is: Share Your Story.
We encourage you to share your story. Privacy is not questionable. We assure you to be fully out of sight by all means. Visitors of the blog will be encouraged too to read your story, interact with it and offer you their opinions and point of views that might be out of your sight.
The Cinnamon Sticks and Coffee Beans blog will also have a part in that, reading your story very carefully and offering a very respectful welcome to the blog and try to get to share you the warmest feelings to support you.

The weekly post will contain a weekly article of some scientific innovation, experiment, report offering you to take further steps knowing more about everything that could tease your brain and excite you to know more about.

That’s not all!
There is always more in your cinnamon coffee!


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