Daily? Weekly? Details make the difference.

The concepts you value your life with are quite based on your experience. However, you always fall into repeating your mistakes, even if you convince yourself that the circumstances are different. They could be, but, at the end of the day you will always need to restart your self evaluation. How often do you need to do that? Evaluating yourself and reviewing how deviated your actions are from your intentions. Daily? Weekly? Randomly? It depends.
You can’t put yourself in the I-repeat-my-mistakes zone just to blame yourself. That’s not how it is. You need to sit down, count your blessings and start looking for what it would take to make you stop what pulls your talents backwards, stops your thinking flow and wastes your time and energy. Afterwards, you could really say you’ve taken a step forward. At this very moment, you need to make sure that you will always remember that time, that critical instant you decided to pull your life together and start chasing your targets with more resilience, determination and consistency.
Remember, you once sat down, to fix it all, which is a sign, that you haven’t given up. You haven’t lost faith.

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