Why Cinnamon Sticks and Coffee Beans? (1)

Why coffee?
Coffee has been known throughout ages as the best friend of hard workers, thinkers and almost everyone that carves for energy. Despite the bitter taste of coffee, coffee lovers aim to overcome that bitter taste and target to receive the unbelievably effective dose of caffeine that flows through their brain cells increasing concentration levels helping out boosting the determination and consistency.
Milk? Sugar? Creamer? Caramel? Sounds great. But, that, very much drains the hidden influence received by drinking coffee. How is that?
Coffee lovers like it bold. They want it with little sugar if not black. But why?
Because coffee is meant to be bitter. Why? Because it provides you with every little mental sight that you miss. It pulls the trigger of your mind to exploit and increase the depth of every thought you’re working on, every decision you take and even every idea you dig for, out there in this fleeting line of thoughts that runs throughout your brain when push comes to shove so you don’t crack under the pressure.

So, you add whipped cream? Sugar? Milk? Anything else?
Don’t feel offended. You do love coffee. You do get its purpose and quite enjoy its burst of light that runs in your blood once you take the very first sips from your cup.

The point is, the less you add to it, the more you’ll know about the dark side of the coffee!

To be continued….


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