Good morning.
No matter how your night has been, no matter how your morning started, appreciate your blessings.
Quote of the day:
I just find myself happy with the simple things. Appreciating the blessings God gave me. – DMX

Getting to be here, in front of this screen, means you’ve survived everything that could have destroyed your life. YES! You actually made it. You survived heartbreaks, sleepless nights, losing  the ones you love, being cheated on, losing someone due to your mistakes, …
How bad does it feel now?
Still waiting for your wake up call?
Still having problems with your family? Friends? Everyone around?
You’ve got to face it. Be your wake up call. Be the voice that only your brain could hear, screaming: WAKE UP. Realize who you are, where you go, what you do and where you’re going to end up. Define the point you’re standing at. The coordinates that present you. Analyze every bit of your soul, thoughts and mind. That’s like increasing your sight’s angles observing the most beautiful thing you’ve ever been: yourself.


Understand YOUR stress.
Let’s catch up with what was stated in the last 2 daily posts.
We identified stress as a change that differs from someone to another no matter how good or bad the stress is and whatever its cause is.
Today, you’ve got to know that you are not the only one under stress. Does that seem obvious? It is. But who cares? Who values love during stress? When push comes to shove everyone could crack under stress. However, not everyone forgets how precious you are and accordingly won’t sell you, no matter how crushed they are. Others will break, and get to feel helpless. You’ve got to feel sorry for them and learn to cope with your stress.
Stress levels are quite a lot. Their types too. Some people may get objected to chronic stress. Others to constant stress. Others to regular stress.
The handling method is what makes the difference. Some may deal with stress perfectly well even if it is extreme. Falling apart and getting torn is not questionable. It happens to everyone on different time intervals. Understanding the type of stress applied to you and identifying the suitable handling method will always get you on the right track of making your stress less felt and less disturbing to your concentration levels in the toughest moments in order to lose nothing. Nothing at all. Nothing.
Have you ever felt you need to learn something new?
On your own?
It feels great when you feel like you want to conquer a new field.
However, you need to guide yourself before you start.
Here are very effective steps in order to help you starting. Click here

You have been my guest for this morning. I hope that we daily get to spend time together, reading, talking, imagining and surely, drinking coffee. Keep in touch and help the blog reaching more people by sharing through the sharing buttons below. Remember. There is always more in your Cinnamon Coffee.


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