Have you had a good time in your weekend?
No seriously. Have you?
Everyday passing on, needs to be evaluated. It needs to be rated. You need to do that every while. On regular basis. Almost everyday. Then you go with evaluating a week. Then, a month. And so on.
Moving on with your life is something very hard to do. You always need to look forward towards a glowing future while keeping your present developing and forgetting about yesterday’s bitter taste.

It’s so tricky to be yourself. If not, why so many people fail to do so?
Every time you fail, you get to feel horrible. Then you pull yourself up. So determined. You plan to heal your wounds and look forward like never before. Yet you forget about all of that once other factors come in and push you away from the path you drew for yourself. You consequently fall in the same hole of failure. More damage to your emotions. More doubts in yourself. You think you gave it all you’ve got, yet you’ve got nothing in return.
That’s not what it is. We always put the blame on ourselves without logically precising the reasons behind each failure. That’s a very efficient method to drain your power. A complete destruction to your power of will. However, you need to observe every step you took, every thought you got, each conclusion you made and each decision you took accordingly.
The thing is, you will take some time to spot the light on the critical point at which you could have avoided the failure. But that’s not everything. You always need to remember that you made the decision to sit down and analyze where did it go wrong and how couldn’t you avoid it. This, will remind you, that next time, once you feel the critical point edging closer, you will react with fully determined power in order to avoid it, to achieve more and go further than before.

Failure is no shame. Giving up is.
Understand stress.
Why? Why does stress happen?
Stress is a complex interaction between internal and external processes caused by the survival instinct. When stress takes place, you are in the situation of fight-or-flight caused by releasing adrenaline which increased your breathing rate, heart rate and sending blood to your vital organs. Cortisol is also released. Its role is to keep stress response responding as long as stress continues. This, if experienced daily, could cause insomnia, lack in concentration abilities, power loss,…..
Stress takes place when major changes occur in your life, like moving, getting married, getting fired from your job….
There are a lot of stressors that cause you stress that will be identified in the next daily posts.
Share your story.
This part of the post will be added every time a story from the followers or the viewers is sent.
It will be published and therefore discussed with the blog followers.
This may help you get the load off your chest and might open your sights that you hadn’t noticed before.
Send your story in a message or to the blog’s email cinnamonsticksandcoffeebeans@gmail.com

You have been my guest for this morning. I hope that we daily get to spend time together, reading, talking, imagining and surely, drinking coffee. Keep in touch and help the blog reaching more people by sharing through the sharing buttons below. Remember. There is always more in your Cinnamon Coffee.


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