No lips bitten? No shame. At all!
If you fail to make him/her fall for you by doing your best to catch their interest by getting closer, learning to love what they love or generally trying to include yourself in their life in a very amazing way that they’d run into you, it doesn’t matter as much as you think.
It happens after all. It exists. The fact that you couldn’t impress them well enough to get into their heart doesn’t bring you any sort of shame.
You felt attracted from the first look, from the first impression or whatever pulled you from your heart towards them. Then? You did your best to get them. They still don’t see you. Tell me, what’s the point of carrying on? You don’t want to give up? Perfect. That means you have self respect. Well get your mind together because you’re deeply damaging your self respect. How? By staying on stage trying you make the best performance you could to get the attention of your crush, and the more you stay on stage performing, the more you will look like a fool in front of the crowd. And if there’s no crowd, that’s no less damage. Why? Because you’d look like a fool in front of the most precious human being you’ve ever known: yourself.
If you catch their eye, you’ve done what you wanted and you’d proceed in the path you’re drawing, deciding what you want them to mean to you. Pathless ways never make lovers comfortable. However, if you fail to make them bite their lips in awe from what you did or what you offer them, stop it once you feel you’re lowering yourself. Put in your mind that you’re not the loser. They chose to ignore your caring soul. They are the losers not you.
Don’t convince yourself that you’ll wait for the right one. Why waiting? Be invincible. Get to the top. Go far with your skills. Improve yourself. Turn your knowledge to understanding. And your understanding to mastering. And from mastering to perfectionism. You’ll catch the eye. You’ll glow. You’ll beat the hell out of the doubts in yourself that came to you when you were on the stage. Get no one to judge you, because at the end of the day, no one can beat you to be as unique as yourself.
Never stay on stage for long no matter how hard you are willing to stay. Don’t improve yourself to be loved. The target isn’t to be the best in order to be loved, but to love yourself and your life in order to be the best they could ever love. You become great for yourself, not to impress anyone.

Stress. Again and again!
Yesterday, it was stated in The Daily Post (4)  that there are environmental and physiological stressors.  Environmental stressors are the hardest to be controlled and the most unexpected ones. They bring you stress out of nowhere: air pollution, water pollution, neighbors loud voices, sleepless nights caused by your bed not well tidied, …… These are an enemy you don’t know when or how or why they’d come to you. You are surrounded by environmental stressors. However, you don’t to stop them because it would waste you a lot of time and most probably they won’t vanish. You’d have to learn to gain your concentration despite their presence. That’s not easy. It would take you time. Long time. But once you do it, your performance will go high with flying colors even if those environmental stressors seem to be destructive to those who are around you and suffer from them.
Physiological stressors come from hormonal changes which causes indirect stress due to the emotional changes they cause. They are unavoidable due to the fact that they run in your brain.
You need to cope with them too. How? It will be announced to you later in the Daily Posts to come. Right now, keep understanding your stress.
You have been my guest for this morning. I hope that we daily get to spend time together, reading, talking, imagining and surely, drinking coffee. Keep in touch and help the blog reaching more people by sharing through the sharing buttons below. Remember. There is always more in your Cinnamon Coffee.


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