Reading a book isn’t easy.
Finishing a book isn’t easy as well.
Learning something from a book is hard.
Learning few things from a book is harder.
Getting to know, understand, conclude, link and apply every useful thought that came to your mind while reading the book, is the real deal.

tumblr_nkuugbg9pe1un4nzko1_1280It’s never easy to start reading. It gets even harder when you pick the wrong book, author or category. To be more precised, the word isn’t wrong but rather unsuitable. It’s different from someone to another. I remember when I first went to my school’s large library. I was 7. I picked a french book and i really don’t remember why I picked it. But I remember one thing. It’s that I wanted this book. It became a habit. I, then, never wasted a week without borrowing a book.
There was always something new. There is always something new. There will always be something new. Books never say enough. They always offer more than what’s on their pages. It’s not always rainbows and sunshine stuff to imagine. It’s not always the old wise man that convinces his sons that there is a hidden treasure somewhere on a hidden map buried in the mountains. It’s about you. You picture everything. You allow your mind to open your view’s angles and focus on some points that you consider to be conceptual and on other points to take a secondary role. However, all of that depends on your abilities to analyze and judge. Precising the main targets to reach and the paths to take as well as the difficulties to overcome depends on you. It’s not easy. It’s easy to be gained, but it takes time to grow. The more you read with concentration, you boost your potential to see behind the curtains.

It’s not always about the book. It’s about the book, you, the place you read at, the mood, the time,…. It’s about everything.
I tried so many times to read in front of the see. Failed.
I tried to read while listening to music. Failed.
After so many tries, I concluded that the best atmosphere for me to read is the silence, where nothing is heard but my mind.
lamp-night-light-book-reading-library-photo-horizontal-48215350Once you locate your favorite spot and time to read, your brain will start responding perfectly with the book you’re reading and your mind will start building the castles of wisdom that will grow stronger with every book you read.
You will love to try new places to read. New timings. New books. New lives.
Every word you read, is for yourself. For the sake of improving the brain you were given and to intellect the soul you were given. Once it’s fed with books, it will go nowhere but to wisdom. To growth. To the hidden genius in you.

No stress with an amazing book. No stress at all.
The stress posts to be back starting from tomorrow.
Tomorrow, a new idea, a new surprise.

You have been my guest for this morning. I hope that we daily get to spend time together, reading, talking, imagining and surely, drinking coffee. Keep in touch and help the blog reaching more people by sharing through the sharing buttons below. Remember. There is always more in your Cinnamon Coffee.


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