Today’s post is sad. Very sad.
I know this is not what you could always want to read. But who of us hasn’t been sad?

This message’s sender refuses to be unveiled by any means. However, he gathered his courage and asked for this piece of his life to be shared.
Despite the blog being new, he chose to unveil his story here. When asked, “Why here?”. He replied,” I heard you talk about motivation and dealing with stress and few other topics that are supposed to cheer people up. Try sharing something demotivating, or you can’t afford it?”.
I took the challenge.
Here is the story.

“I have never let someone down. Although I had the chances many times to choose myself as a priority above anyone, I didn’t. I chose to stick with the ethics, the common sense and everything that goes under loyalty. I kept respect, I trusted a lot and I fell a lot. It kills to: be cheated on,
be lied on, be misunderstood, receive wrong advice without even asking for them, be told fake excuses without giving any importance to your life, see people doubting your intentions, get accused for lack of loyalty, feel unwanted….
It kills to swallow: the bitterness of getting rejected, the lies of your loved ones, the broken promises, the fact that you are not desired anymore.

Realize the fact that if you don’t solve your own problems, make your own plan and the hell out of your bed early every morning to jump up the walls that everyone around you built, you will die in your misery. The misery that you and the ones around you built together. On these walls, these sentences are written: you can’t do it, do it later, there’s still plenty of time, let it go, there’s no problem, trust me, I’m here for you,…………..

The list goes on, but I never want you to see these walls. I don’t want you to wake up some day in a cage of depression you chose to walk into.
This is the misery I’ve lived. I don’t consider myself old despite my age.
Pull your sh*t together and have b*lls to refuse the demotivating voice that flows to you from anything around to control your life or even choose the path for you to go.
You’ve no one but yourself. Live your life the way you want so when you pay at last, you pay for what you did, not for what the others chose for you.”


I’ve got to say that, that, reminded me of quite a lot.

It’s sad what we do to each others. But let’s face it. Only losers stay in this situation of crying out loud blaming every creature for their failure.

Don’t bother.
Everyone knows what they want. Wait for no advice. Go built the castles of success you dream of without asking for help.
Bring your coffee and start fresh.
Bring your coffee and be my guest.


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