I am who I am.

The amount of change you undergo throughout your life’s event can vary from time to time which is completely natural due to several factors that you may not be aware of.
Even after reading this long sentence you’re still the same person who started to read this post.
That’s because so little time passed since you started.
You may not be the same that you see in your childhood pictures. And consequently, you may not be the same person you’ll get to be after 10 years and so on.

But who are you actually?
Where do you stand?
Are you a thinker? A sensor? Extrovert? Introvert? Judging?
Assuming that you are a thinker. Are you always a thinker? Are there situations where you use your heart more than your brain? How often? Why?

Do you prefer to work in a team? Alone? Both?
How should your morning begin?
Do you go with science or religion?
Do you favor any?
Are you a reader?
Does music heal you?
Do you believe in meditation?

Lots and lots of things you don’t get to know about yourself unless you sit and analyze where do you stand and what do you want.

Find out through this test. It is very detailed.

Don’t forget to post your result and what you feel about it.
For the record, my result is ESTJ.


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