Appreciate what you have.

What you have is something you should value.
We all crave for more. That’s natural and it doesn’t mean underrating what you own.
Always seek the chance to make something out of noting.
Observe the strength of your mind stopping you from losing your temper.
Observe the strength of your heart admiring the ones you love even when you have enough on your plate.
Observe the strength of your eyes holding up the tears so you don’t look weak in front of your friends and relatives.
Observe the light within you.
Observe your inner peace.
Observe yourself.

I once went to sit in front of the sea.
I heard it calms the nerves and heals the wounds.
It went once in a sunny day. I tried to cry but I couldn’t
I tried to think about anything. I couldn’t think straight.
Conclusion: I felt nothing at all.
Afterwards I decided to give it another chance.
I was stressed and I decided to sit there in a very dark night.
I sat. It rained. Thunder. Waves hitting rocks. Felt nothing. At all.
I was convinced that I am a very well damaged human being.
People write books and make movies about how they love the sea, how they feel calm in front of it, how they feel like talking to it…. It sounded gay to me.

I came up with one conclusion. The sea offers you nothing. NOTHING.
And that’s why you feel better.
The sea is huge. It has its power. Its elegance. It doesn’t care how much you suffer.
You see a figure of greatness. You don’t talk to it. It doesn’t talk to you and as said before, it offers you nothing.
It just let you observe its greatness; how powerful it hits the rocks, how fast it goes forward and backwards, how it carries ships, how strong it is and also, how caring it is when someone drowns in it, it brings them back to the shore.

Appreciate that.
Do you know what was that?
That was your brain that understood what was just said. And whether it got convinced or not, it worked.
It woke up to the challenge of learning something knew.
It worked for you.
It’s there for you to use, to feel, to think, to go forward, to live on, to love….

Appreciate your blessings.
Appreciate your life.
You have been my guest for this morning. I hope that we daily get to spend time together, reading, talking, imagining and surely, drinking coffee. Keep in touch and help the blog reaching more people by sharing through the sharing buttons below. Remember. There is always more in your Cinnamon Coffee.


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