Good afternoon!

The middle of the day represents the real fight you’d daily face between your aim to finish what you’re doing against ignoring every task you have to accomplish. Responding to this fight is quite essential in terms of pursuing success. That’s not easy without enough nutrition.

Some of us love to take their lunch with them during work,school or college. Some others like to order junk food. To be honest, who doesn’t like junk food? Even when you know how much it would harm your healthy diet, you could still feel the saliva in your mouth making it ache for that warm bite of chili cheese burger or the chicken barbecue pizza with its stuffed crust. It’s a struggle especially if you’re exhausted and want to feel a taste of relaxation.

However, today’s lunch dish is nothing but a pure delicious taste of a loving plate that would be a very good alternative to the fat rush that your saliva was screaming for.

Who wouldn’t love this famously delicious plate!
What sets this salad apart from the rest is its zesty sun-dried-tomato dressing; made in a blender or food processor, it’s a mixture of tomatoes, capers, and garlic, thinned with olive oil and red wine vinegar. A generous handful of parmesan cheese and fresh basil finish off this satisfying salad that only tastes better the next day.

Before emerging into the recipe of this delicious plate, it is to notice that the ingredients contain red wine vinegar, which could present a religious concern. I – personally – advise you to alternate it with natural cane vinegar.

Now, let’s check this delicious recipe out from here.

Bon appétit.


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