Good afternoon!
No matter what you think of reading books, the readers, the authors or even the libraries, you’ve got to know that readers, authors are never the same. That’s what makes the reading, the readers, the authors and the libraries feel connected and in deep understanding for each others. Not every member of this party knows that. The truth is, every part of this connection knows their role without question. However, the reader is the most vital part of this. He decides what to read, what to conclude, what to understand and certainly what to feel.
If you are a reader, feel blessed. If you are not a reader, become one.

Lunch time!
Hungry? I’m hungry. This plate will fill us up with unbelievable delicious taste by every bit of its ingredients. Just
the picture made my stomach ache for it!
Pasta Salad with Goat Cheese and Arugula

PS.  I personally replace the red wine vinegar with natural cane vinegar.

Enjoy the recipe here.


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