Good evening!
Unlike the morning that we all agree that it is spent mostly working, we have different methods in terms of spending the night.
Some would like to go out. Some hang in there in front of the television. Some would like to spend some quality time with family, reading, playing video games or even doing nothing. However, the evening represents after all the balance you add to your day. Suppose you had a very long day of work, a stressful one, you surely wouldn’t like to go home and add some more tension to your already stressed mood whatsoever. The balance here, is to take away all this stress. We have different ways as mentioned before of dealing with this time of the day. Make sure that what you do in the evening, helps you balancing your day and makes you look up for tomorrow.

What to eat in the evening?IMG_2360
Well, speaking about quality time, you better spend it eating this innovation that I’ve never seen before and I think my mouth and stomach fell in love with it:


It looks like it could be what would make it up for you no matter how tough your day was.
This is a proper stress-releasing dinner. In addition, extremely delicious. Who wouldn’t have cheese burger with portobello mushroom after all?

Enjoy the recipe here.


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