Good Morning!
Here you are at the start of the day. Start feeling grateful and appreciate your blessings no matter how though that is to do. It would turn out for the best sooner or later.
Starting a long day requires a lot. This a lot might not be always present for you. That’s why you always need to keep yourself learning a learning so you get this a lot when it is crucial.

Quote of the day: Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star. – W. Clement Stone.
Now, let’s have breakfast.
To be honest. once I saw this wonderful breakfast plate, my mouth went watery. It looks so delicious that I want to cook it right now. It would fill you up and won’t harm your diet.
Ladies and gentlemen, The Spicy Tomato Baked Eggs.

Full of energy, full of taste and most of all, full of Elegance.

Enjoy the full recipe here.

Coffee? Yes please.picOXAh3t
After such warm plate, you need to sharpen your mind by a big rush of caffeine that could make your eyes glow. However, this type of coffee, I – personally – highly recommend it if you admire the nature, the universe or even if you’re thinking whether Ben Affleck is a good choice for Batman or not.

The Turkish Coffee

Enjoy the recipe here.

Let’s talk Psychology.
Before breakfast, I mentioned that you need a lot to cope with the daily life. That is proved scientifically; as you learn something new, your brain creates connections between your neural patterns comparing the new stuff you are trying to learn to what you’ve already got inside your previously created neural patterns from experience, and other events in your life. Consequently, you manage to either build on what you’ve got, or you build something new in your head, some map, some new neural pattern, which enforces your mind, brain and most important, confidence.

Have a good day!


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