Good afternoon!
Having a good day so far? Bad one? hasn’t got out of bed yet? No problem. Let me switch your attention to something for few minutes so you can resume/progress more in what you’re doing with more patience.
I always heard of soft skills courses. I never really had any interest in any of them. However, I always seek to know more about everything. So I started looking at their contents. They are quite beneficial when it comes to dealing with strangers in the same area of work, which they refer to by ‘colleagues’. Also, they offer a guide to how to deal with superiors and every creature that walks on two legs that could be found within the location of your working hours. They sound beneficial somehow. During this little research, I saw nothing that there are courses about humans! I never really got it until I read few lines about it. Courses about how to be a giver. How to be human. How to live and react with others.
I was shocked. Do we really need a guide to be humans? Maybe there are things that I am yet to know about this completely young path. I completely believe that must be something new in it. Otherwise, why would they establish it?
It’s called ‘Philanthropy’.
We’ll cover few theories together about this new field every while because seriously, are we in need to take a course about how to be the only thing that we could all agree on; that we are humans?

Let’s have lunch!img_1863edited

Busy days require a fast meal with lowest carbs and a sufficient amount on energy. Today’s office lunch has all of these features in addition to the most important one of all: the colorful decoration within the vitamins.

The Chopped Greek Salad with Chicken

Enjoy the recipe here.

About ‘Philanthropy’ that we talked about before lunch. I suggest you to look deeper in it. It could be something worth reading about. Maybe we’re missing something about ourselves being what we are: humans.


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