Good evening!
Today’s evening post is an introduction to the first weekly post that will be posted tomorrow!
Yes you read it right, tomorrow. There will be a Tv series review. Not any tv series review but it’s a show that attracted every one who saw it and would get you in the mood to see in case you know nothing about it once you read the review.
There will be a spoiler and non spoiler review.
Same for the author and the book!
This week’s author is the phenomenal Haruki Murakami!
Next week’s post will be about his book: Kafka on the shore!
This week’s book review is about his book: After the dark!
The movie review: ….
The historical character:……
The Composer of the week:…
And a lot more!

Hungry for more?
Wait till tomorrow please!

Still Hungry? Let’s eat then!enhanced-buzz-18748-1381787247-20
Cauliflower Pizza

If I talk about it, I’d spoil the party!
Enjoy the here.

Have a good night!


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