Good morning!
Why is coffee so famous?
Caffeine? Taste? Energy drink?
The answer is simple. All of that, and even more.

Coffee has the power to make you feel the sweetness beyond the bitter taste of roasting the bean from blonde taste to the darkest bitterest tasty sip that with each, you’d feel the amazement of self satisfaction. No exaggeration.
I always felt that there’s something in coffee more than just looking at it as a rush of caffeine that would make me stay up late at nights to study or to refresh my mornings before going to college. That’s like driving a Ferrari just to travel far. It’s also got a luxury that you wouldn’t feel unless you comfortably taste it with all your senses.
There are thousands of ways to make coffee. Each has a preferable time of the day. None hasn’t got a sort of elegance.


What to eat now that it is so early in the morning?
I always tend to make the perfect combination between breakfast and the beverage with it. Most preferably coffee. That’s why this breakfast has its own perfection within itself for combining these two beauties to give you the startup of your day. What could you wish for after this breakfast?
Well, you’ve already got every beautiful thing in it.
French toast. Banana bites. Coffee.
That’s just an incredibly awesome breakfast.

Enjoy the recipe here.

Have a good day!


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