Here is the first Weekly Post!

There was a lot of build up for this very special day that would witness the birth of the first
Weekly Post on Cinnamon Sticks and Coffee Beans.

Please note that we’ll be starting with the non spoiler reviews first. Then, the spoiler reviews.

Let’s start with one of the most realistic Tv series. The true reflection of life on each of us.
No matter how good your are. No matter how disciplined you are.
At some point, you’ll be…

breaking_bad_wallz_by_sahinduezguen-d6o7k4zThe non spoiler review.
Life. As much as you love it and feel good about it, some times it could push you to hate it. However, responding to the tough situations you get involved in makes all the difference. Talking is easy. That’s true. We are sitting now in front of our screens feeling that we could deal with anything that we would face in our lives. But, when the push comes to shove, we may crack under the pressure. Easily. Far more easily that we could ever imagine. Responding to a tough situation is crucial. It shows resilience or how hollow our souls are.
To be honest, millions of shows, movies and books have done this. Putting someone in a tough situation and either he cracks or resists. Breaking Bad is far beyond that. It’s far beyond a tough situation. They are situations. Not one not two. Daily situations. None of them ends in one day. None of them ends in a week or even a month. Every day you get dozens of things on your plate and they stay with you, long enough, until you break bad.
Your response, must be always a true reflection of who you are. Otherwise, you’d be in real trouble. Responding with a pattern of means that are already established in your mind would help you dealing with every problem you get. If you try to react differently than who you are, you get out of your mind’s track, which would put you in a bigger problem, getting back to the path of your strategical thinking, even if you have a non-established present one in your conscious mind.
Not only that!
The show isn’t just about its hero. But people around him. Not any people. Every person that started to exist once the situations he’s been put and put himself in, gets affected by him, his reactions, his thoughts and reacts to him accordingly.
Handling all of that requires a lot of discipline. A whole lot of discipline that may affect you in a very harmful way. Something else would pop up: Priorities. Who comes first? Family? Friends? Work? Money? Safety? Self esteem?
Still not everything!
After you pick your priority, how would you explain that to the others?
Does it really matter if we you explain or not?
Who would be understanding?
Who wouldn’t be?
Maybe you’ll have no other choice, but..

I strongly advise you to start watching it.

The movie review!
Non spoiler review.

Some movies are built one true stories. Some are based on novels. Some are interpreted as a practical proof of a sophisticated complex set of philosophies. Some are just nothing at all.
This movie is something.
Something very unique about it, is that when you get to know a truth about one thing, you may get really hurt. That’s natural. But would your response be as hard as the unveiled truth? Would you take advantages of the others?
Suppose you do. Would you know how to live with yourself having something that aches you from the inside?
Suppose you take advantage of no one and keep the pain to yourself. You’d face the same question:
Would you know how to live with yourself having something that aches you from the inside?
Doesn’t it look like a mirror?
That’s why the movie’s official poster is a mirror, maybe!
And yet, you may never understand what’s happening.
And yet, the end, may never be clear. Maybe clear for the others, but for you?

enemy-posterFor me, that’s one of the movies ever.
Watch it his week!

Author of the week.

I was once in a library, sitting with a bunch of readers and writers sharing opinions about books and I lost conscious for a while. Then I heard them all agreeing that some japanese writer is very good. I felt curious and asked them to say his name again. They said: Haruki Murakami. I couldn’t catch the name quite clearly from the first time so I asked them to repeat it and wrote it down. I then asked why is he famous. Again, I lost conscious and started day dreaming.
Then I said that I’ll give a try so I don’t sound rude.
Next week, I went to the bookstore and bought a book with his name on it. It attracted me that the book’s cover is quite great and it wasn’t that big, about 200 pages so maybe like I said: I’ll give him a try.
Here is the book I bought.

After Dark.

Haruki Murakami and his books are one thing.
An interpretation of life events that requires you and only you to know, understand, explore, understand again, re-innovate, scratch, refine, distinguish and love yourself and the world around you.
The book After Dark is like something you taste for the first time ever. Do you remember your reaction to everything you tasted for the first time? Was it the same the second time? Did you think about it later? How tasty or unpleasant it is?
Well, You surely felt some taste. But all tastes? No.
Haruki Murakami’s books are different.
They have all tastes.
Read it and watch your reaction to it. What’s new about your towards a book?
Was there anything to learn?
You decide.

Haruki Murakami in most the books I’ve read for him, refuses to treat the reader like an idiot.
He will always want you to understand better, love better and live better.

Here you are with a lot of things to read and watch.
Let’s listen to some classy classical music.
This week’s composer is Franz Schubert.

Hating classical music was one of my features. Until I knew who to listen to.
This guy is a genius.
The austrian born composer who died aged 31, made quite few breakthroughs that made him one the most respected composers the earth has ever known.
I’m no specialist when it comes to music. But listening to the symphonies he made, made me feel quite delighted about how elegant his music is.
Again, I’m no expert when it comes to music.
But again, he’s a genius.
Try listening to his symphonies while reading, relaxing or checking up Cinnamon Sticks and Coffee beans.

If you have watched the previously mentioned shows, please read the spoiling reviews.
If not, thanks for reading this week’s post.
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The spoiling reviews.
Breaking Bad
(Please don’t read the review if you haven’t watched the show and fully want to enjoy it)

It’s been 3 months since I finished watching Breaking Bad.
Away from the way Jesse’s girlfriend died; by mistake but as a consequence to taking drugs.
The way Schrader died; away from family as he always was.
The way Gustavo died; comfortably adjusting his tie even his face got ripped.
The way Mike died; alone and lonely as he always was.
The way Tuco Salamanca died; chased as he was always chased.
The way Skyler told Walter that she cheated on him; I fucked Ted.

I’m still impressed about the way Walter White died;
by his own intelligence, by his own brilliance, by his own discipline, by his own weapon!
The weapon that he made to fire at his enemies, and accordingly fired at him too as he through himself in fire since day one, and yet, managed not to hurt Jesse significantly.

The ones Walter White wanted them away from him and from his danger, are the ones he really cared about; his family.
Sneaking into the mind of the disciplined ones and trying to mess with it,
would backfire at you, would put you in danger,
as Walter White said:
I am the danger!

The Enemy.
The spoiler review.
(Please don’t read the review if you haven’t watched the show and fully want to enjoy it)

Well, if you really caught it, the wife knew that the guy with her isn’t her husband. She chooses to ignore it. Live with it. But when he went to see her, she appeared unfamiliar to him. A gigantic bug.
What I really got that he never understood what’s happening, just like how he lived his life before knowing about the actor that looks like him. Living his routine everyday from teaching in college and going home meeting his girlfriend and again and again. He never understood how to deal anything else. He didn’t know how to react when his life had a little bit of thrill.
Too sophisticated that I still feel like watching it again.
There is something missed.
I’m not sure if it’s intended to be missed.
Still a great movie though.

The book spoiling review.
After Dark.
(Please don’t read the review if you haven’t watched the show and fully want to enjoy it)

In a matter of hours, a whole bunch of actions take place. What’s there to notice?
What’s there to learn?
What’s there to be cautious about?

The sleeping girl might be the demonstration of people who are with us without being with us.
We watch them behind screens, to know they still exist. Do they?
Yet they seem so beautiful.
And yet, you don’t get to enter their worlds that seems to be so calm. As revealed in the novel, the calm mode she’s in gets interrupted by nightmares as a figure of things they suffer from inside their worlds that we don’t get to enter. A real struggle. A real fight that we are not well aware of.

In addition to the teens intentions of becoming popular and distinguished, working with hope and effort, there are those adults who have many zero-importance problems: cheating, ripping ears off…
And guess how they deal with those problems?
With the same look they have towards anything that exists: either brings pleasure or unwanted, like how the cheating husband treated the prostitute.
However, that, brought him no pleasure.

After all these few hours, that’s life. You may never get a result of trying to understand it. But, watch it closely.
The are others around you with dark sides.
Watch them closely and know how to treat them.
Know yourself and understand it.
Afterwards, you’ll be outside the darkness and you’ll realize that you’re far advanced and far After Dark.

The historical character of this week, I recommend you to read about it is Gregori Rasputin.
A maze that no one has knew how to solve it.

Thanks a lot for being my guest in the first Weekly Post!
I hope you really enjoyed it.
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