Good Afternoon!
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Psychology time!

You don’t need to be a psychiatrist or a psychologist to be able to deal with each individual in your life.

But wouldn’t it help to know more about psychology and what goesbeyond thoughts and actions
that we interpret each day?
Wouldn’t it help to know what goes on in our brains during consciousness and unconsciousness?

Ofcourse it would help.
But, beware that a little knowledge about such topic could be really harmful. As it turns out, a little knowledge might tell you that the negativity you’d be objected to, might get your immune system a little bit weaker. That doesn’t mean that every sick person with any sort of illness, expresses negativity, stress, depression or anything that your mind would jump to.
Knowing a little might be harmful, Get involved and learn reasonably!


Lunch Time!

Today’s lunch is traditional. But wouldn’t love burgers for lunch? Not any burger,
Lettuce Wrapped Cheeseburgers

I’ve looked the recipe over. To be honest, I had no plans for lunch today. I think I’ve got one now!

Enjoy the recipe here.

Today’s evening post will provide an important demonstration on how the brain gets affected by the diet we follow.
Have a good day!
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