Good afternoon!
Today’s afternoon is a little invitation to enjoy looking at some places that you might love to travel to.
Travelling isn’t just about you. Well, at some point it is, but that’s not everything about it. When you travel, you leave a void at the place you currently are situated at, which you don’t really care about once you fill the void you are supposed to give birth at to one of the most sophisticated philosophical concepts, existence.
Your existence in some place that you haven’t been at before, or a place that you get at but for some little time, could really make a very long lasting change in you no matter how you look at it.
Here are few places, that, when you leave them, you’ll feel that there is a void, but inside of you.

Lunch Time!
As always, we have something special on lunch.
Here is, the very special,
special with ingredients,
and ideal in order of preparation time,
Oven-Fried Chicken


Enjoy the recipe here.

Tonight’s evening post is exclusive. An introduction to something new on the blog. Some sort of a new world. Some sort of a new dimension to be added to your favorite blog:
Cinnamon Sticks and Coffee Beans.


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