What is it like to celebrate the new year?

Celebrating the new year is basically celebrating the continuous existence of gravity. It is celebrating the end of the earth’s revolution around the sun in 365 days just like the year before, which is consequently celebrating the universe taking care of itself-perfectly.

It’s not meaningless or dumb as it may have sounded, but such great phenomena could be really worth celebrating, even if we really have nothing to do at all to it to maintain its existence and perfect operation.

It is more like being thankful to be there in such perfect conditions allowing us to witness, feel and observe how beautiful, priceless and valuable everything created around us-including us, deserve more respect and love.

Family, we might argue about it, but to hell with every conflict that might break the relation between relatives.

To family!

To friends, who are really, friends!

To our lovely pets!

To our universe!

To us!

May 2016 bring us all a better understanding of ourselves with a deeper vision inwards and toward our universe!



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