A couple of days ago I completed my 24th lap around the sun.

I can’t remember any other year during which I’ve learned as much as I’ve learned during this last one. I intensified my interests in science whether in psychology, philosophy or cosmology; the topics that get every bit of my concentration, attraction and excitement.

I felt it’s time to go read and dig about what I want to know about, and what I feel interested in, rather than wondering whether I picked the right major for college or not. Whatever I picked up to study, I don’t think it gets more of my attention more than the topics I mentioned.

I don’t get to ignore my studies, I just don’t get stressed over and seek the highest of grades. I’ve had a bad start and I had to pull myself up. It took quite a lot. However, to hell with every bit of pullback I’ve ever had to cut off off myself in order to rediscover my form and  pursue what I value the most.

I’ve come to realize all of that during the last couple of months.

About the birthday, I’ve always misunderstood it. I thought that this day is the day I get myself to feel free: reading, eating, going out with friends, watching a movie, sleeping with comfort… And it always ended with less that 50% of these targets done, which is uneasy to take. Couldn’t even enjoy the day to the max.

What’s new this year, is that I’ve come to realize that this day isn’t the day to do every thing I want. It’s the day I set my goals for the upcoming lap around the sun: doing everything that I’ve thought to do in one day, but, this time, it is distributed throughout the year and to be done more than once; reading more than one book, going out with friends in every possible chance, spending time with family, picking up the online courses I’d love to take next to stimulate my interest in the topics I fall fond of, planning to travel, learning new meals to cook, learning new languages, loving morning coffee and morning reading times more than before….

It’s about time. Don’t rush anything. Think slowly. And with time, slow thinking gets you experienced by the mistakes you make. They are no drawbacks, they are discovered wrong paths not to pursue once the push comes to shove. Afterwards, you slow thinking will become faster and faster, more importantly, more effective.


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