Afternoon Daily Post – 15/9/2015

Afternoon Daily Post – 15/9/2015

Good afternoon!
Travelling again!

Yesterday’s Afternoon Daily Post mentioned that when you travel, you leave a void in the place where you were before you travel. Consequently, when you arrive at your destination, there is a special place waiting for you. A void waiting you to fill it. To provide existence in it. Your existence. That’s what causes you to feel the change you get. You arrive at some place, and you give it something new. Something it doesn’t daily experience. Something special. You.

And when it’s time to leave, you leave the place that you provided existence in it. You leave it with a void. A void that someone else might come to replace after you. You leave to go back to the void you made when you moved from your initial place. The void that is still waiting for you to re-fill. Waiting for you to get back, so you can look at the world from it. But this time, you have new eyes. New experience. The more voids you fill with your existence when you travel, the wider you mind’s sight will become.

Here are more pleasurable destinations to fill voids at.

Lunch time!
Chicken and Asparagus Lemon Stir Fry
Magnificently delicious!

Chicken-Asparagus-Stir-FryBon appetit!


Morning Daily Post – 15/9/2015

Morning Daily Post – 15/9/2015

Good morning!

Start up your day while having a look at what might be a greatly elegant taste in men’s wear: The casual summer outfit.
I personally like the winter’s outfits better. They reveal the real elegance that hides within picking up suits, shirts, ties and pants.
However, elegance carvers never miss a chance to look awesome.
Here are some outfits that would catch the eye.

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The colors’ combination. The shorts. All perfect!
Try these!

Banana Banana?
Extra banana?
Love banana?


That’s so mouthwatering!
Ultimately delicious!
Bon appetit!

Afternoon Daily Post – 14/9/2015

Afternoon Daily Post – 14/9/2015

Good afternoon!
Today’s afternoon is a little invitation to enjoy looking at some places that you might love to travel to.
Travelling isn’t just about you. Well, at some point it is, but that’s not everything about it. When you travel, you leave a void at the place you currently are situated at, which you don’t really care about once you fill the void you are supposed to give birth at to one of the most sophisticated philosophical concepts, existence.
Your existence in some place that you haven’t been at before, or a place that you get at but for some little time, could really make a very long lasting change in you no matter how you look at it.
Here are few places, that, when you leave them, you’ll feel that there is a void, but inside of you.

Lunch Time!
As always, we have something special on lunch.
Here is, the very special,
special with ingredients,
and ideal in order of preparation time,
Oven-Fried Chicken


Enjoy the recipe here.

Tonight’s evening post is exclusive. An introduction to something new on the blog. Some sort of a new world. Some sort of a new dimension to be added to your favorite blog:
Cinnamon Sticks and Coffee Beans.

Morning Daily Post – 14/9/2015

Morning Daily Post – 14/9/2015

Good morning!

I hope you had a good sleeping night!
Quote of the day:  If there is no struggle, there is no progress. – Frederick Douglass
That might prove that with struggle, comes success which comes by progress.
However, your intelligence is to find the shortest legal progress path to success.

Breakfast time!
Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon


Take your time admiring.
It really is worth it.
Well, as you can see, that’s one elegant royal breakfast!
Easy to prepare.
Perfect to start your day with.

Psychology & Neuroscience
We started taking about the human brain yesterday.
Let’s carry on with:
Mysteries of the Brain: Emotional Brain

For years, researchers have struggled to understand how emotions are formed and processed by the brain. Now, neuroscientist Kevin LaBar and his graduate students at Duke University are using a virtual reality room to study how the brain reacts to both negative and positive emotions.

Here is the video explaining and providing an introduction, brought to you by


Evening Daily Post – 13/9/2015  

Evening Daily Post – 13/9/2015  

Good evening!

Today’s evening post is about the most sophisticated organic operating system: the brain. We’ll open the door to how your brain responds to a diet system.

Obesity Brain Scan
Poor diets lead to a host of medical issues: obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. But diet also influences the brain and can increase the risk for mental disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. Researchers are uncovering the details of how the foods we consume affect our cravings, our moods, and even our memories.
However, when eating a favorite food, dopamine levels rise, creating that feeling of pleasure experienced by chocolate lovers everywhere. (A similar surge happens with addictive drugs). But eating too many treats leads to a decrease in the effects of dopamine — the brain tries to turn down the signal. Suddenly, it takes more chocolate cake (or cocaine) to feel the same rush.

Obesity and memory  Interestingly, adult rats didn’t suffer the same consequences from sugar overload in Harrell’s studies. The developing teenage brain seems to be especially vulnerable to high sugar consumption. However, overall diet — particularly its effect on weight — continues to influence the brain into old age.

In addition, it was found that, in people in their sixties, those who were overweight or obese (those with the highest BMIs) had smaller hippocampi than people of healthy weights. In addition, over the course of eight years, everyone’s hippocampus shrank, but the overweight subjects experienced the biggest losses. The hippocampus normally shrinks with age, but it shrinks to a greater degree in dementia, which leads to memory problems. Other research in humans suggests that obese people score lower on memory tests, but losing weight through bariatric surgery can improve scores.  Our brains are sculpted by what we eat. If it’s too much fat, too much sugar, or just too much, there may be permanent consequences for our brain function. Keeping our brains in shape is one more reason to clean up our diets.

Click here for the full article.

Dinner Time!
Please, try not to drop your jaw so hard when you see the picture of today’s dinner.
Low in carbs.
Mozzarella Cheese.
Here it is.
Low-Carb Spaghetti Squash & Meatballs

Enjoy the recipe here.

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Good night!

Afternoon Daily Post – 13/9/2015

Afternoon Daily Post – 13/9/2015

Good Afternoon!
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Psychology time!

You don’t need to be a psychiatrist or a psychologist to be able to deal with each individual in your life.

But wouldn’t it help to know more about psychology and what goesbeyond thoughts and actions
that we interpret each day?
Wouldn’t it help to know what goes on in our brains during consciousness and unconsciousness?

Ofcourse it would help.
But, beware that a little knowledge about such topic could be really harmful. As it turns out, a little knowledge might tell you that the negativity you’d be objected to, might get your immune system a little bit weaker. That doesn’t mean that every sick person with any sort of illness, expresses negativity, stress, depression or anything that your mind would jump to.
Knowing a little might be harmful, Get involved and learn reasonably!


Lunch Time!

Today’s lunch is traditional. But wouldn’t love burgers for lunch? Not any burger,
Lettuce Wrapped Cheeseburgers

I’ve looked the recipe over. To be honest, I had no plans for lunch today. I think I’ve got one now!

Enjoy the recipe here.

Today’s evening post will provide an important demonstration on how the brain gets affected by the diet we follow.
Have a good day!
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Morning Daily Post – 13/9/2015

Morning Daily Post – 13/9/2015

Good morning!

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Breakfast time!
Let’s start the day with this incredible Muffin!

Not any Muffin!
100-Calorie Cheese, Vegetable and Egg Muffins

Well, what’s there to say?
Only 100 calories.
All in a muffin!
You seriously have no reason not to try it!
Enjoy the recipe here.

Now, it’s time for coffee. Again and again.

                                                                 Caramel macchiato


First, we’ll start with the caramel macchiato, because although many consumers understand that they can easily whip up coffee, lattes, and cappuccinos from home, the art of the caramel macchiato somehow seems more daunting. Luckily, there’s no reason to fear the recipe behind this tasty caffeinated creation, and the perfection of such a drink will save you close to $4 a pop for every Starbucks macchiato run. Here’s a recipe for a DIY caramel macchiato from Serving two, this recipe takes mere minutes to whip up as long as you’ve prepared for macchiato bliss by picking up some caramel at the grocery store. One homemade macchiato yields 126 calories.


  • 6 ounces coffee (brewed)
  • 6 ounces milk (steamed)
  • 1-2 teaspoons sugar (to taste) or 1-2 teaspoons Splenda sugar substitute (to taste)
  • 3 teaspoons caramel syrup
  • 1/2 teaspoon artificial vanilla flavoring
  • whipped cream
  • caramel syrup, drizzled


First, make a strong coffee by brewing a ratio of 3 heaping tablespoons of coffee to 6 cups water. Add vanilla to the coffee grinds before making the coffee — that way, it will infuse while brewing.

Once the coffee is done brewing, place milk in a large cup and microwave until hot. In a tall glass, combine the coffee, milk, and caramel syrup and stir well. Add sugar in small increments until desired sweetness is achieved, but don’t forget that the caramel will sweeten this beverage, too. Top with whipped cream and drizzle caramel.

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We’ll talk Psychology in today’s Afternoon Post!

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