24th Lap

24th Lap

A couple of days ago I completed my 24th lap around the sun.

I can’t remember any other year during which I’ve learned as much as I’ve learned during this last one. I intensified my interests in science whether in psychology, philosophy or cosmology; the topics that get every bit of my concentration, attraction and excitement.

I felt it’s time to go read and dig about what I want to know about, and what I feel interested in, rather than wondering whether I picked the right major for college or not. Whatever I picked up to study, I don’t think it gets more of my attention more than the topics I mentioned.

I don’t get to ignore my studies, I just don’t get stressed over and seek the highest of grades. I’ve had a bad start and I had to pull myself up. It took quite a lot. However, to hell with every bit of pullback I’ve ever had to cut off off myself in order to rediscover my form and  pursue what I value the most.

I’ve come to realize all of that during the last couple of months.

About the birthday, I’ve always misunderstood it. I thought that this day is the day I get myself to feel free: reading, eating, going out with friends, watching a movie, sleeping with comfort… And it always ended with less that 50% of these targets done, which is uneasy to take. Couldn’t even enjoy the day to the max.

What’s new this year, is that I’ve come to realize that this day isn’t the day to do every thing I want. It’s the day I set my goals for the upcoming lap around the sun: doing everything that I’ve thought to do in one day, but, this time, it is distributed throughout the year and to be done more than once; reading more than one book, going out with friends in every possible chance, spending time with family, picking up the online courses I’d love to take next to stimulate my interest in the topics I fall fond of, planning to travel, learning new meals to cook, learning new languages, loving morning coffee and morning reading times more than before….

It’s about time. Don’t rush anything. Think slowly. And with time, slow thinking gets you experienced by the mistakes you make. They are no drawbacks, they are discovered wrong paths not to pursue once the push comes to shove. Afterwards, you slow thinking will become faster and faster, more importantly, more effective.





the sun is set,

is set to fade.

For every sun,

for your sun,

when it goes to fade,

every one,

looks for aid.

For every sun,

when it goes to fade,

some may look,

to go get laid.


a friend,

for a friend with a sun,

a sun that one day,

will go to fade.

When that day comes,

would you be an aid?

Or let your friend,

go get laid?



What is it like to celebrate the new year?

Celebrating the new year is basically celebrating the continuous existence of gravity. It is celebrating the end of the earth’s revolution around the sun in 365 days just like the year before, which is consequently celebrating the universe taking care of itself-perfectly.

It’s not meaningless or dumb as it may have sounded, but such great phenomena could be really worth celebrating, even if we really have nothing to do at all to it to maintain its existence and perfect operation.

It is more like being thankful to be there in such perfect conditions allowing us to witness, feel and observe how beautiful, priceless and valuable everything created around us-including us, deserve more respect and love.

Family, we might argue about it, but to hell with every conflict that might break the relation between relatives.

To family!

To friends, who are really, friends!

To our lovely pets!

To our universe!

To us!

May 2016 bring us all a better understanding of ourselves with a deeper vision inwards and toward our universe!


Afternoon Daily Post – 15/9/2015

Afternoon Daily Post – 15/9/2015

Good afternoon!
Travelling again!

Yesterday’s Afternoon Daily Post mentioned that when you travel, you leave a void in the place where you were before you travel. Consequently, when you arrive at your destination, there is a special place waiting for you. A void waiting you to fill it. To provide existence in it. Your existence. That’s what causes you to feel the change you get. You arrive at some place, and you give it something new. Something it doesn’t daily experience. Something special. You.

And when it’s time to leave, you leave the place that you provided existence in it. You leave it with a void. A void that someone else might come to replace after you. You leave to go back to the void you made when you moved from your initial place. The void that is still waiting for you to re-fill. Waiting for you to get back, so you can look at the world from it. But this time, you have new eyes. New experience. The more voids you fill with your existence when you travel, the wider you mind’s sight will become.

Here are more pleasurable destinations to fill voids at.

Lunch time!
Chicken and Asparagus Lemon Stir Fry
Magnificently delicious!

Chicken-Asparagus-Stir-FryBon appetit!